Hi / Lo aerobics


Hi / Lo aerobics classes are aimed at people of all levels of fitness who predominantly want to burn calories and increase lung capacity. Fitness classes are designed to provide you with safe and effective workouts and exercise routines to help you to maintain a healthy heart whilst improving your fitness levels and assist you in toning muscles and burning fat.

Hi / Lo aerobics are great for fitness and excellent for an efficient cardiovascular workout that can help you to get your heart rate up and look and feel great. Hi / Lo Aerobics provide workout regimes that vary from low to high impact levels.

Using a step of just the floor, you can get a fabulous cardiovascular exercise routine that will help you to gently stretch and become more flexible and help you to use up body fat so you can lose weight fast.

With body and muscle toning benefits, aerobic workouts are great for helping you to look your best with a healthy glow. These classes are preferable for those looking for low to moderate intensity exercise that allows you to increase your heart rate and improve circulation.

Although it isn't impact free so joints and ligaments may take the majority of this impact, the workout has excellent health promoting attributes and can help you to improve your fitness.

This class lasts for around half an hour to an hour but includes stretching and flexibility training as well as warm up and warm down exercises to help to keep your muscle groups limber. By increasing oxygen intake and improving distribution to muscles and you help the body to use more oxygen and endurance and fitness are improved.